Lifejackets for your lifestyle

Modern lifejackets cater for just about every boating situation, from kayaking or kite surfing in sheltered waters to offshore fishing or sailing on the open sea. With a wide range of styles and colours available, there's a lifejacket to suit your specific needs. So be safe and wear yours.

In this short video, Andrew Hart and Nick Duigan from popular Australian TV fishing series Hook, Line & Sinker take a look at the wide range of lifejackets available now, including ones designed specially for children, women and a variety of boating activities like kayaking, kiteboarding, jet skiing and paddle boarding. View the transcript

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Type 2 - Level 50 lifejackets

A Level 50 lifejacket is designed to keep a conscious person afloat, it’s suitable for boating on sheltered waters, where help is generally close at hand. These lifejackets are considered to be more comfortable than a foam Level 100+ lifejacket and its bright colours make search and rescue easier.

  • Type 2 - Level 50

    This lifejacket is easy-to-wear and great for general boating, sailing and fishing.

  • Type 2 - Level 50

    With a zip on the side and less buckles on the front, this lifejacket won't catch on rigging. Suitable for general boating, sailing, fishing, kayaking or paddling.

  • Type 2 - Level 50

    With extra room for arm movement, this jacket provides more comfort on the water, whether you're a sailor, kayaker, canoeist or fisherman.

  • Type 2 - Level 50

    Made for all water sports and enclosed waters.

    Designed for adults and kids.

    Available in bright red and yellow.

    Easy care foam style.